December 3 - 5, 2006


Enhancing Innovation and Competitiveness Through

Investments in Fundamental Research


Achilefu, Samuel (WUSTL) :: Applications of Imaging Technologies in Diagnostic Medicine


Anthony, Donald (CCR) :: Measure for Measure: Chemical R&D Powers the U.S. Innovation Engine


Calabrese, Gary (Rohm & Haas) :: How Much Can Government Funding of Basic Research Help the U.S. Chemical Industry?


Casey, Charles (U Madison) :: Challenges for Chemists


Clarke, William (GE) :: Applications of Imaging Technologies in Transforming Medicine


Hunt, Catherine “Katie” (ACS) :: Improving People’s Lives through the Transforming Power of Chemistry


Kishore, Ganesh (DuPont) :: Translating science to societal value


Kutsovsky, Yakov (Cabot) :: Positioning for Innovation and Competitiveness in Nanomaterials: Life at the Lean End


Leonard, John (Abbott) :: Pharmaceutical Questions


Leonard, John (Abbott) :: Pharmaceutical and Device Advances


Miller, Joe (Corning) :: Research & Human Resource Needs of Industry


Mirkin, Chad (Northwestern) :: Nanotechnology


Premkumar, T. (ExxonMobil) :: Enhancing Innovation and Competitiveness through Investments in Fundamental Research


Sankaran, Krishnan (Boeing) :: Materials and the Aerospace Industry


Shonsey, Ed (Diversa) :: BIOTECHNOLOGY – An Emerging Company


Soboyejo, Wole (Princeton) :: Materials and The Aerospace Industry: Academic Perspective


Solomon, Darlene (Agilent) :: Measurement, Instrumentation and Applications


Solomon, Darlene (Agilent) :: Presentation Notes


Turner, James (article from innovations / spring 2006) :: The Next Innovation Revolution